Why DocStation is the Best Mobile MediClaim Software Alternative

Pharmacy billing processes can be complicated and time-consuming thanks to complex billing codes, manual entry errors, authorization issues, adjudication delays, and more. These factors cause headaches that steal valuable time from patient care. That’s why savvy pharmacies invest in software to streamline the process. 

But with so many options out there, how do you know which one to choose? One of the solutions out there is Mobile MediClaim, but how does it compare to other options? Let’s look at why DocStation’s pharmacy management software tops the list of Mobile MediClaim software alternatives.    

What is Mobile MediClaim?

Mobile MediClaim is a web-based app that helps pharmacies with credentialing and medical billing services. What many don’t realize is that MediClaim isn’t the only piece of software capable of bridging the gap between pharmacists and the medical payer. In fact, there are several options out there that take a holistic and transparent approach to pharmacy management. So, if you’re looking for Mobile MediClaim software alternatives to help streamline your billing and daily operations, you’re in the right place! 

Introducing DocStation, the all-in-one clinical platform that helps you bypass PBMs to connect directly with health plans and get paid for the services you provide every day. 

DocStation: An All-in-One Mobile MediClaim Software Alternative

So what exactly makes DocStation one of the best Mobile MediClaim software alternatives? Here’s a comprehensive list of DocStation’s time and cost-saving features.

Medical Billing Functionality

DocStation’s user-friendly, FHIR-standardized pharmacy billing software makes light work of helping you submit and track claims digitally in real-time. Once shepherded to billing, payments take an average of just 4 days, with over 85% of claims approved upon first submission. When claims are rejected on DocStation, our Customer Success and Revenue Cycle team gets to work right away to figure out a solution. The average support response time is 5 minutes or less so we will never leave you hanging. We’ve helped pharmacies collect thousands on “dirty” claims, or ones that required more than one submission. Since most pharmacies don’t have the resources to handle resubmissions, this may otherwise have been money left on the table. When paired with the additional features below, DocStation becomes one of the most versatile Mobile MediClaim software alternatives on the market.

Auto-Billing & BIN Billing

DocStation provides an Auto-Billing solution, a unique feature not available from any of our rivals. This innovative feature streamlines the identification and creation of billable opportunities seamlessly within your workflow. Our cutting-edge technology automatically recognizes the associated services linked to the prescriptions you are already billing for, generating a new claim for you to submit. By optimizing key factors such as service codes, patient coverage, and reimbursement amounts, our technology ensures maximum efficiency. 

DocStation’s Auto-Billing technology also automatically recognizes vaccine product activity and can generate a new claim to Medicare Part B for you to submit. This revolutionary system ensures that the produced claim accurately reflects product, date of service, and other required billing fields, maximizing the potential for reimbursement. 

Steps to reimbursement:

  1. Bill the vaccine product easily to DocStation’s BIN
  2. Automation triggers an additional vaccine administration and counseling encounter claim
  3. Get paid!

The average reimbursement for vaccine product is $10 – $70, depending on what product you stock, + vaccine encounters at an average of $50, resulting in significant revenue opportunity when maximized. For every 1,000 patients, you could be bringing in $120,000.

Auto-Billing works on more than vaccines. Imagine generating claims for other work you’re already doing like first fill counseling. 

Transparent Billing Operations

Often pharmacies can bill for services to the medical benefits using a physician’s National Provider Identifier (NPI) number. To facilitate this process, Mobile MediClaim assigns an in-house employee, or “Medical Director,” to the pharmacy. The pharmacy then uses this Medical Director’s NPI to submit claims for reimbursement. Here’s where the potential issue arises: The Medical Director is actually an employee of Mobile MediClaim that doesn’t have previous history or relationship with the patient.

In contrast, DocStation assists pharmacies in maximizing the potential for independent billing activities without leaning on an unrelated provider’s NPI. Pharmacies can get paid for tons of things they are already doing such as vaccination counseling, point of care testing, diabetes education, smoking cessation, and more. DocStation’s team of pharmacists ensure up-to-date research on state provider status legislation that advances pharmacists billing opportunities.

Revenue Cycle Management

While many systems have generic offerings, few are as comprehensive or transparent as DocStation’s revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions. The RCM dashboard provides easy access to claim templates, reconciliation, and history, and our expert team follows up on every rejected and denied claim. Our success is rooted in our unwavering commitment to adhering to rigorous regulations, policies, and procedures, ensuring a high level of compliance. Overall benefits include:

  • Increased workflow efficiency and transparency
  • Better business intelligence and financial reconciliation
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Improved financial performance

Pharmacy Analytics & Patient Health Insights

DocStation’s advanced pharmacy analytics software allows you to measure what matters most and provide better patient care. From tracking your pharmacy’s claim performance,  targeting patients who need intervention, following medication adherences, n HIE metrics, access to on-demand clinical intelligence helps pharmacies improve business performance and clinical outcomes. 

Medication Therapy Management 

DocStation is at the forefront of the medication therapy management age-old movement. Our overarching goal is to help pharmacies cut through the confusion and make it easier to work with payers to increase access, improve outcomes, and pay pharmacists for clinical care outside of dispensing. Our dedicated software can run MTM programs and value-based programs simultaneously, reducing both the administrative burden and overhead associated with running clinical programs across multiple vendors.

Patient Scheduling

DocStation facilitates effortless patient scheduling by allowing patients to search by appointment type and availability to schedule and modify visits to a specific location at a convenient time. No pharmacy staff interaction is required in this process, and inbuilt support and reminder features encourage a patient-centered approach by keeping customers actively engaged in their appointments.

HIPAA-Compliant Messaging

HIPAA-compliant texting is the most reliable and effective method of reaching patients. DocStation users can send encrypted communications with complete peace of mind, knowing that patient data is protected. All messages and replies within DocStation conversations are guaranteed to be 100% HIPAA compliant. Plus, because our SMS messaging feature pairs with Open Scheduling to streamline pharmacy encounter workflows, your pharmacy practice will run as efficiently as a provider’s office. 

Clinical Health Assessments

DocStation’s clinical health assessments provide an effortless way for pharmacists to gather essential patient data in a discrete format. Pharmacists can leverage the power of DocStation’s HIPAA secure processes to access a library of pre-existing clinical assessments and build custom templates to collect more. Imagine being guided through a test-to-treat encounter or standardizing your patient intake. The result? Instant patient data without the need for physical paperwork or multiple clunky systems. 

Security and Compliance

At DocStation, we’re passionate about keeping your patient data safe and secure. Our comprehensive security and compliance features include:

  • Military-grade encrypted data, whether at rest or in transit
  • Compliant infrastructure in line with HITRUST CSF, SOC 2, ISO27001, etc.
  • Advanced logging, auditing, and intrusion detection
  • Disaster recovery and reliable backups across multiple isolated locations 

Clinical Programs

DocStation offers a variety of comprehensive and disease-state clinical programs using STAR and HEDIS performance measures. Insurers can design, launch, and track bespoke programs across all benefits segments, Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial plans. Thorough team onboarding and training ensures pharmacy support throughout the life cycle of each program, making it straightforward to import patient data, track metrics, and generate reports. 

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