A secure SMS patient messaging feature pairs perfectly with Open Scheduling to enhance pharmacy website functionality, reduce phone calls, and streamline clinical pharmacy workflow. Get started today.

Remove your biggest barrier

The unknown nature of patients’ visits to your store and successfully reaching patients tends to be the biggest barrier in the process of providing clinical services. Typically, contacting patients is a very manual process for pharmacists — with lots of time spent looking up and verifying contact info, leaving voicemails, and crossing fingers for an answer or even a call back.

The hard part isn’t finding patients in need — a payer will even send them a spreadsheet of patients to call! It’s the in-between of contacting the patient, scheduling the appointment, and getting them to actually show up that is the most labor-intensive.

Since almost everyone has a phone that can receive text messages, we’re streamlining the communication process by enabling users to contact a patient and receive responses in DocStation Conversations via SMS Messages.

SMS Messages will automatically be sent to patients to confirm and remind them about appointments. Pharmacy team members will also be able to initiate messages for any other purpose and expect a response from the patient. All messages are secure and 100% HIPAA compliant.

Everybody Wins

Both patients and pharmacy team members will benefit from these new features.

The new messaging and scheduling features will assist patients in communicating with you without calling the pharmacy. They will be able to find convenient times for their care needs while reducing wait time because of plugging in their information before heading to the pharmacy.

Using messaging and scheduling features will springboard pharmacies into:

  • Identifying patients in need
  • Contacting, scheduling, and confirming with patients
  • Preparing for the visit with already-complete patient profiles
  • Documenting the visit and any outcomes — drug therapy problems identified and resolved, medication changes needed to address the problems, communicating with prescribers, producing needed documentation for patient (like a copy of the med list or standard patient takeaways)
  • Creating and submitting a claim to earn revenue

The pharmacist needs all the help they can get to streamline their workflow. They need their clinical pharmacy practice to run more like a doctor’s office. This is where DocStation comes in.

DocStation’s Feature and Future Development

When you sign up for the SMS messaging and Open Scheduling features on DocStation, you gain the following benefits:

  • Weblink to place on your store’s website where patients can access scheduling
  • Automated SMS messaging for appointments — confirmations and reminders, plus the ability for patients to respond
  • On-demand ability to send messages to patients for any purpose
  • Patient messages received will be SMS only (with the exception of email confirmation of appointments) but correspondence will happen on DocStation’s platform
  • Patient receives a generic HIPAA-compliant message with a URL to review the message and respond if needed. The link navigates to a login page which requires the patient’s DOB for security.
  • Bulk messaging for marketing campaigns such as flu shot clinics

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