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DocStation’s all-in-one clinical platform helps pharmacies bypass PBMs to connect directly with health plans and get paid for services they provide every day.

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With DocStation, your pharmacy is...


Efficient &


Spend less time bouncing between different pieces of software. Manage your entire clinical practice on one, easy-to-use platform.

Empowered &


Access to the most comprehensive, up-to-date patient profiles available so you can stay focused on what your patients need.

Improving Patient


Address patient-specific clinical opportunities to close care gaps and improve outcomes across your entire patient population.

Focused on What

Matters Most

DocStation aligns incentives between pharmacies and payers to improve outcomes through better care delivery.


DocStation empowers pharmacists to create and maintain meaningful patient relationships, intervene intelligently, improve outcomes, and get paid.


How it Works

DocStation is more than a software platform. It's your trusted partner for maximizing clinical revenue opportunities. Our technology and team work together to get you paid (well) for services you provide every day.

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How Docstation helps

All the capabilities of our platform:

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Health Records

Care for the whole patient using our comprehensive EHR built specifically for pharmacies.

Medical Billing platform feature icon

Medical Billing

Bill for clinical services with ease. DocStation is medical billing, simplified.

Revenue Cycle platform feature icon

Revenue Cycle

Maximize clinical revenue in partnership with our industry-leading support team.

Scheduling platform feature icon


Run an appointment-based clinic with built-in scheduling and reminders.

Messaging platform feature icon


Communicate with patients in real-time using our HIPAA-compliant two way messaging. 

Assessments platform feature icon


Utilize our library of clinical assessments or craft your own with our assessment builder.

Reporting platform feature icon


Access your data to monitor and optimize clinical, business, and revenue operations.

Clinical Programs platform feature icon

Clinical Programs

Easily participate in clinical programs with local, regional, and national health plans.

Integrations platform feature icon


Connect multiple data sources to maintain up-to-date patient health records.

Security platform feature icon


Use our HIPPA-compliant technology stack to keep your patient data safe and secure.

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The Solution

Health Assessments
Pharmacist Billing
Hipaa Compliant Text Messaging
Pharmacy Analytics
Case Study

Pharmacy earns $70,000 in First Year with DocStation

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Get Paid for Services

DocStation’s built-in medical billing capabilities makes it easy to identify billable opportunities, submit claims, and get paid. From claim creation to reimbursement, our streamlined billing process gives you immediate access to untapped revenue streams. Our world-class billing & support teams guide claims through the billing lifecycle, with over 85% of claims accepted upon first submission and payment adjudicated within 14 days.

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Our Support is the Best in the Game

DocStation promises a personalized user experience the moment you say “Let’s go!” You'll be backed by an experienced team of Provider Success Managers, Revenue Cycle Managers, and Program Managers. We'll do the heavy lifting and build a personalized onboarding plan for you and your team. With an average response time of 5 minutes or less, we're proud to be one of the most attentive support teams in the industry.

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