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Billing Software For Medical Retail Pharmacy Shops


Introducing DocStation Auto-Billing, an innovative solution that streamlines the identification and creation of billable opportunities seamlessly within your workflow.

Best Pharmacy Billing Software

Billing Software For Medical Retail Pharmacy Shops

Medical Billing for Pharmacy

Billing for services has never been easier. Meet DocStation, your new best friend in medical claims billing!

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

Pharmacy Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management for Pharmacy

Simplify your billing process and let our RCM services boost revenue, streamline payments, and expedite claims.

Scheduling Patient Appointments

Patient Scheduling Software

Patient Appointment Scheduling

Create appointment types, set availability, and embed a scheduling link on your website to launch an appointment-based model.

Hipaa Compliant Text Messaging

Hipaa Compliant Messaging

HIPAA Compliant Messaging and Texting

Securely send two-way communications to patients while keeping your pharmacy and patient data safe

Clinical Outcome Assessments

Pharmacy Billing Software

Clinical Health Assessments

Elevate your pharmacy using our clinical assessment builder and pre-built standard templates.  

Pharmacy Data Reporting Analytics

Pharmacy Prescription Analytics

Pharmacy Data Analytics & Patient Health Insights

Leverage data and reporting to ensure you’re providing the most effective and efficient care.

Value and Care Pharmacy

Pharmacy Billing Support

Value Based Care

Track and measure patient outcomes to quantify your return on investment (ROI).

Medication Therapy Management Software

MTM Management

Medication Therapy Management

Provide medication therapy management (MTM) services through payer-sponsored programs or billing the medical benefit

Healthcare Data Security

Healthcare Data Security

Security and Compliance

Protect your pharmacy and patient data in a HIPPA-compliant environment.

Medication Review

Pharmacy Billing Software

Clinical Programs

DocStation helps payers collaborate with pharmacies to launch and administer clinical programs.

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