Reduce pharmacy billing administrative burden by 80%

Generate Medical Billing Revenue with Auto-Billing

Introducing DocStation Auto-Billing, an innovative solution that streamlines the identification and creation of billable opportunities seamlessly within your workflow. Our cutting-edge technology automatically recognizes the associated services linked to the prescriptions you are already billing for, generating a new claim for you to submit. This revolutionary system ensures that the produced claim accurately reflects the provided service and maximizes the potential for reimbursement.


Through machine learning, our technology will identify and verify your patients’ medical benefits and coverage to drastically increase efficiency in workflow. By optimizing key factors such as service codes, patient coverage, and reimbursement amounts, our technology ensures maximum efficiency.


Where will pharmacy be in 10 years? Two words: Artificial Intelligence

Auto-Billing is the future of pharmacy. Not only will you be on the cutting edge of pharmacy technology, but you will see your pharmacy profitability increase ten-fold in a year. Our first pharmacy using automation saw $19,000 in revenue in month one and is on track to make $100,000+ in year one.

Have you thought about incorporating automation into your billing process? Imagine how efficient and optimized your vaccine and medical billing operations could be.

DocStation’s Auto-Billing technology also automatically recognizes vaccine product activity and can generate a new claim to Medicare Part B for you to submit. This innovative system ensures that the produced claim accurately reflects product, date of service, and other required billing fields, maximizing the potential for reimbursement.

Steps to reimbursement:

  1. Bill the vaccine product easily to DocStation’s BIN
  2. Automation triggers an additional vaccine administration and counseling encounter claim
  3. Get paid!

The average reimbursement for vaccine product is $10 – $70, depending on what product you stock, + vaccine encounters at an average of $50, resulting in significant revenue opportunity when maximized. For every 1,000 patients, you could be bringing in $120,000.

Auto-Billing works on more than vaccines. Imagine generating claims for other work you’re already doing like first fill counseling.


How does auto-billing work?

Auto-billing utilizes proprietary technology to automatically identify and create billable opportunities within your workflow. It recognizes the associated services linked to the prescriptions you are already billing and generates new claims for submission.

Can auto-billing accurately reflect the services provided?

Yes, auto-billing ensures that the claims produced accurately reflect the services that were provided, increasing the chances of optimal reimbursement.

Does auto-billing integrate with existing systems?

Yes, auto-billing can integrate seamlessly within your existing workflow and systems, making it convenient to incorporate into your practice.

What benefits does auto-billing offer?

Auto-billing streamlines the billing process, reduces manual work, and maximizes reimbursement potential. It also enables the connection between pharmacy benefit and medical benefit processes, enhancing overall efficiency.

How will auto-billing assess the likelihood of reimbursement?

Future iterations of Auto-billing will utilize advanced algorithms and data analysis to produce a confidence level assessment for the likelihood of reimbursement. It will take into account factors such as service codes, patient coverage, and reimbursement amounts to optimize the billing process. Check back soon for this update!

Can custom assessments be created with auto-billing?

Yes, with DocStation Premium, you can access a powerful assessment builder that allows you to create custom assessments tailored to the specific needs of your clinical practice, enhancing flexibility and customization.

Is training or support available for using auto-billing?

Yes, training and support resources are available to assist users in effectively utilizing auto-billing features. These live and hands-on resources can help you maximize the benefits and address any questions or concerns you may have during implementation and usage.


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