Medication Therapy Management Services for Better Patient Care

Pharmacists provide value in every patient interaction through services like medication reviews (CMRs), medication synchronization, disease state management, medication counseling, point of care testing, and so much more. DocStation helps you claim provider status and get paid for services.

Centralize all your clinical revenue opportunities by participating in payer-sponsored Medication Therapy Management (MTM) programs or billing claims to the medical benefit for every patient encounter. All on the same platform. Transform your practice from pills to patients with DocStation.

Medication Therapy Management

Electronic Health Record

DocStation takes MTM programs to a whole new level. Our state of the art electronic health record (EHR) allows you to maintain a holistic, longitudinal health record for all of your patients. Integrate with your dispensing system to sync data and keep patient profiles up-to-date.


Build your clinical practice with DocStation’s scheduling feature. Streamline your operations, coordinate your staff, and keep track of resources. Follow-up after key interventions to ensure patient safety and build your clinical revenue engine.


Participate in payer-sponsored MTM programs or bill payers for MTM services and more after every patient encounter. All on the same platform. DocStation enables you to centralize your clinical revenue opportunities on the same platform. Streamline your workflow and provide more care on DocStation.

Revenue Cycle Management

Provide care, document services, and get paid. Submit, process, and track medical claims for MTM, Evaluation & Management (E/M), vaccines, durable medical equipment (DME), smoking cessation, and more with our revenue cycle management suite. DocStation allows you to follow medical claims through the entire billing lifecycle and track important operational metrics like provider productivity and revenue generated in sophisticated business intelligence dashboards. Our best-in-class support team is your partner in the billing journey, maximizing net new revenue and minimizing time to reimbursement.

Best MTM Software

Claims Templates

Streamline and standardize claim submission to multiple health plans with medical claims templates. Pharmacists don’t have time to sort through payer rules or memorize complex coding standards like HCPCS, modifiers, and payer IDs. DocStation makes it easy for any pharmacy to submit medical claims and make more time for what you do best–providing patient care.

Claims Reconciliation

DocStation is your SWAT team for ensuring quick and accurate payment. Automated claims statuses tell you where your claims are in the billing lifecycle. Easily identify and troubleshoot rejected claims and manage denials. We go above and beyond for our pharmacy partners, which translates to more profit for you.

Claims History

DocStation software keeps a history of all claims submitted so you have a robust record for accounting and auditing purposes. Navigate to patient profiles to retrieve clinical documentation for services provided. Easily produce a record of care to justify reimbursement.

Achieving Goals with Medication Therapy Management Services

You work hard to help your patients prevent disease, manage medical conditions, and improve their health. Pharmacies that use dedicated medication management software have a stronger impact on patient safety, clinical outcomes, and medication adherence. We know you want what’s best for your patients. Medication therapy management with DocStation lets you achieve that goal.

Maximize Medication Adherence

A patient-centered approach to MTM therapy management improves medication adherence. Close care gaps, document your assessment and plan, and generate tailored medication action plans (MAP) to ensure your patients follow their drug therapy regimen to get the maximum benefit from their MTM service. Achieve higher adherence ratings with DocStation’s MTM platform.

Medication Therapy Management Services

Improve Health Outcomes

Pharmacy MTM platforms help increase the number of patients meeting their specific treatment goals. Whether you need to tackle cholesterol levels or control blood pressure, our MTM software allows pharmacists to combat chronic disease with a comprehensive medication therapy management solution.

Bolster Patient Safety

Mitigate harmful side effects, eliminate drug duplication, and adverse drug interactions with our medication therapy management software. DocStation puts you in control of your patient’s treatment plan to achieve better outcomes for their conditions.

Lower Medication Costs

By reducing emergency department visits, hospitalizations, and unnecessary prescriptions for patients, MTM software can lower costs while also promoting more effective use of drug therapy.

Why DocStation?

Put your trust in the company at the forefront of the MTM movement. Fully integrate our MTM software in your pharmacy practice and build more meaningful relationships with your patients. One of the best medication therapy management vendors on the market today, DocStation is dedicated to streamlining healthcare delivery at your pharmacy. When you choose DocStation for your pharmacy, medication therapy management becomes a breeze.


What is Medication Therapy Management Services?

Medication therapy management vendors initially appeared as a result of the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003. After the establishment of Medicare Part D, MTM became a requirement for health plans offering Medicare benefits to seniors. The term has since been picked up by many other entities, including state Medicaid programs, who run clinical pharmacy programs or reimburse pharmacy services billed through the medical benefit.

The term “MTM” is used in many different ways to represent different flavors of pharmacy programs and services across the industry, creating mass confusion among pharmacists, physicians, policy-makers, and other stakeholders.

At DocStation, our goal is to cut through the confusion, and make it easy for payers and pharmacies to work together to increase access, improve outcomes, and reduce cost.

What are the benefits of DocStation vs. other MTM software vendors?

Using dedicated software designed to offer high-quality medication therapy management services drastically reduces the administrative burden of administering MTM programs and streamlines MTM delivered at community-based pharmacies. Unlike other one-size-fits-all MTM vendors, our software was designed to run both MTM and value-based programs simultaneously, enabling payers and pharmacies to mitigate the costs and time associated with running clinical programs across multiple vendors.

What are core components of Medication Therapy Management (MTM)?

MTM programs in the context of Medicare Part D are based on multiple core components, including conducting a comprehensive medication therapy review (CMR), creating a personal medication record (PMR), identifying drug therapy problems (DTP), performing drug therapy interventions (DTI), developing a medication action plan (MAP), interventional and, finally, follow-up and documentation. More acronyms with unique technical specifications and requirements involved in running a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) compliant MTM program.

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