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Clinical assessments are a great tool for gathering important health information in a discrete format. The DocStation Essentials subscription offers a library of standardized health assessments, and with DocStation Premium, you get access to a powerful assessment builder to create custom assessments based on the needs of your clinical practice.

Our assessment templates allow you and your staff to easily compile patient data, run reports, identify areas for clinical improvement, and provide high-quality patient care. Work smarter with DocStation Clinical Assessments.

Clinical Outcome Assessments

Assessment Templates

When providing care, pharmacists need ways to collect patient information, evaluate clinical indicators at baseline and track progress throughout the course of therapy. This evaluation process comprises five crucial but time-consuming steps: Collect, Assess, Plan, Implement, and Follow-Up.

Health assessments are an essential component of pharmacist-provided patient care. These assessments help pharmacists gather important healthcare information about a patient’s family history, medical conditions, health status and needs, which are used to develop a comprehensive action plan. Pharmacists use assessments to identify medication-related problems or adverse drug reactions and to ensure that the patient is receiving optimal medication therapy and provide patients with the highest level of care.

Some of the common types of clinical outcome assessments that pharmacists use include:

Using the Assessment tool available in DocStation, you can leverage our library of pre-existing clinical assessments or build custom templates using our Assessment Building. This feature can save you time capturing vital patient data. Additionally, all patient data is securely stored within DocStation’s HIPAA secure platform environment, eliminating the need to keep physical paperwork that is often lost or difficult to manage.

Clinical Outcome Assessments


What is the best way to accurately collect and interpret assessment data to develop a comprehensive care plan?

To accurately collect and interpret assessment data and develop a comprehensive care plan, pharmacists should follow a structured and systematic approach.

To ensure accuracy and consistency in collecting and interpreting assessment data, pharmacists should also use a validated digital assessment tool, like the one DocStation provides, and stay up-to-date with current guidelines and best practices. Additionally, collaborating with DocStation’s clinical team ensures assessment templates are accurate and aligned with you clinical practice.

What resources are available to assist with conducting Health Assessments, such as templates or software tools?

Pharmacists have access to Assessments and the Assessment Builder as part of our Essentials and Premium subscriptions, respectively.

How do I ensure that patient privacy and confidentiality are maintained throughout the assessment process, particularly when working with electronic health records or other digital tools?

It’s important to ensure your digital tools are properly secured for handling protected health information (PHI). DocStation is HIPAA-compliant and annually audited for SOC 2 certification to ensure PHI is appropriately managed and safeguarded. Strong password requirements and timeout windows ensure your workstation is secured. Varied user roles allow organization administrators to control team member permissions access to the DocStation dashboard.

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