An Intervention for Today's Pharmacy

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All this talk about value-based care. What about value-based pharmacy?

Value-based pharmacy is here. DocStation equips pharmacists with the right tools and incentives. Aligned goals among all stakeholders leads to better outcomes at lower cost. Learn More about Value-Based Pharmacy

Pharmacists provide care

Pharmacists provide primary care services and work directly with patients and prescribers to ensure medication regimens are safe, effective, and affordable.

Patients stay healthy

Increased access to medication management services leads to improved adherence, reduced hospitalizations, and better patient outcomes.

Health plans save money

Payers see improvements in clinical quality measures, increases in member retention, and lower costs of care.

DocStation for Pharmacists

DocStation empowers pharmacists to create and maintain meaningful patient relationships, intervene intelligently, improve outcomes, and get paid. Clinical pharmacy with DocStation

DocStation for Health Plans

DocStation brings advanced functionality and powerful insights to your clinical programs. Achieve your clinical, operational, and financial goals. Insights with DocStation

Provide world-class care

DocStation is your modern electronic health record. Manage all your patients in one place with built-in clinical intelligence and population health tools to drive better outcomes at a lower cost. Start with DocStation

Put our algorithms to work

DocStation is your clinical assistant. Leverage our proprietary algorithms for actionable insights and intelligent recommendations. Work smarter, not harder. Gain insight with DocStation

Tangible Benefits for Pharmacies & Health Plans


Pharmacy engagement

Pharmacists are excited to use DocStation to provide clinical care and their engagement shows it — 90% of those participating in a payment program provide at least 1 clinical service per month. Get engaged with DocStation


Reduction in total cost of care

When engaged, pharmacy-led patient coaching services create a cost savings for healthcare payers. In one study, pharmacist-led interventions reduced total medical costs from $5,910.76 to $4,290.30 PMPY. 1 Save with DocStation


Saved after a transition of care

A pharmacy-based transitional care program covering a Medicaid plan showed significant cost savings when pharmacists were engaged to provide care after discharge. 2 Care with DocStation

Connect your favorite tools

DocStation is fully interoperable. Connect all your favorite tools and 3rd party applications to supercharge your practice and streamline your workflow. Connect with DocStation

Automate billing and payments

DocStation is a revenue cycle management powerhouse. Send 837P files and book fee-for service revenue. Submit reports and collect performance-based payments. Get paid with DocStation

Wagner Pharmacy

Wagner Pharmacy and Integrated Health is an independent pharmacy in Iowa with two locations. They serve a diverse group of patients, and offer services including specialty compounding, medicare assistance, long-term care, and vaccinations. As a forward-thinking group, Wagner was looking for ways to expand their clinical practice and provide better care to patients. How Wagner intervened with DocStation

Enhanced MTM

CMS Innovation Center sponsored a multi-year program evaluating new models for pharmacy services. Their goal? Determine if new payment incentives and regulatory flexibility improve outcomes and reduce net Medicare expenditures. In rural Medicare Region 25, pharmacists provided clinical services and received quality payments through DocStation. Learn more about DocStation

Run world-class programs

DocStation enables health plans and pharmacists to operate clinical programs at scale. Select performance measures, manage provider networks, track outcomes, and measure ROI. All on the same platform. Start Managing Outcome-Based Programs

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