To start, why did DocStation need a refresh?

We are moving into the next phase of growth here at DocStation and really wanted that growth to be reflected in the brand image and messaging. Our mission is to be a champion for pharmacies and to get pharmacies paid for healthcare services but that vision was a little lost in our old image. I think that distinct vision comes across more clearly with this refresh.

What were the goals of the DocStation refresh?

Creatively, it was really important for us to figure out how to stand out and showcase our personality but also appeal to the healthcare community. We were missing a distinct voice, so a big part of this refresh was taking a look at what our customers loved about our team and putting that at the forefront. We identified a brand archetype, which is the Magician, because at DocStation we are curious and are always looking to reimagine ways to make life better for our pharmacists. We wanted the brand to have elements of “magic” because we truly feel that a transformation of the healthcare system is coming, and we are a part of it. 

How did you approach the rebrand?

We developed an RFP and sent it out to a bunch of agencies. We then interviewed them in order to figure out if there was a fit. At the end of the day, we wanted to work with good people that we would be friends with outside of this project – so that’s why we landed on the incredible team at Tilted Chair. They’re also based in Austin and have an awesome repertoire of work, plus they’re just super cool people.

What are some of your favorite elements of the new brand?

You’ll see a lot of lines and illustrations in our new branding. The lines illustrate the journey and life cycle of a pharmacist – providing care, getting paid, and improving the health of their patients. I really love the way we incorporated a lot of different line elements into the branding. Every line is different, just as every pharmacist’s journey is unique.

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What were some of the challenges you faced during the process?

It was definitely challenging to walk the line between being as creative and imaginative as we wanted to be, while still getting our vision and point across clearly. You don’t typically see a lot of healthcare companies having “fun” with their brand image – but we’re different! And we wanted to show that we’re different. 

What advice would you give other healthcare companies pursuing a rebrand?

Surround yourself with good people who know more than you do and you can’t go wrong.