You’ve likely already met the lovely Aubree. She’s the face of DocStation for our pharmacy customers. She’s making sure things run smoothly and answering all your questions along the way.

But you might not know that she’s a loving mom of two little ones, one half of a power planning couple the likes of which you’ve never seen, and an avid British monarchy buff.

So let’s learn a bit more about Aubree, Manager of Outreach and Customer Success at DocStation!

**She still doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up. **And she’s not too worried about it. Aubree’s career has come about with very little deliberate planning. She has simply followed her interests and where opportunity leads. So if you ask her where it’s all heading, she hasn’t a clue, but she believes it will all work out!

“I’ve had good opportunities, and I trust in God that I will have my needs met and have something interesting to do. I really feel that by living this way, I have avoided many difficulties society puts on all of us.”

So, all this going with the flow must mean she’s not much of a planner, ey? Wrong! (Sorry for yelling.) Aubree can plan like a champ. For example, she and her husband have committed to living a debt-free life — no student loans, no car or house payments, nothin’! All that requires A LOT of planning. And moreso, they have mastered the art of financial rewards so much so that their honeymoon to Hawaii cost them next to nada! (Teach us your ways, Aubree! We want to go to Hawaii for next to nada, too!)

Some people have a favorite football team, but Aubree has a favorite monarch. (She might also have a favorite football team. We didn’t ask.) Aubree delights in gobbling up all information on Queen Elizabeth II. There’s something about the longevity of her reign and of the monarchy itself that fascinates her. And yes, she has seen every second of Netflix’s The Crown. And every documentary about Queen Elizabeth II. Oh, and every movie about the royal family. She’s a bit obsessed.

**She’s got the music in her! *Like so many of our talented team members, Aubree has a talent for music as well (We really should consider starting some kind of company band, and maybe put out an album…*) Aubree has always delighted in singing – through college, for her church, and especially as loud as possible in the car. Her mother apparently still has an ancient recording of her singing “Teddy Bear Picnic” as a toddler. She also plays the guitar, and enjoys sharing that love with her littles too.

Oh and she’s performed in front of 80,000 people. That’s right. 80,000 pairs of eyes all looking at her and her Colorguard team. Her highschool marching band was invited to perform the pregame and halftime shows at a Giants vs Eagles football game at MetLife Stadium. That’s major.

We are glad Aubree has joined the team at DocStation on this adventure of improving healthcare. Want to meet the other adventurers we get to work with? Check out our bios here on The Pharmacy Standard!

Profile written by Katlyn Whittenburg of

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