He wants to make something he’s proud of — and eat all of your M&M’s.

When interviewing for this feature, Josh took his time to consider each and every question before answering. (We’re talking about several long pauses.) And that’s who you want as the CTO of a healthtech company that can affect the lives of potentially millions of patients — someone thorough and deliberate.

So let’s take a few moments to pause and learn about Josh, CTO and Co-founder at DocStation!


(And begin.)

He’s a designer and a developer! Josh studied graphic design in college, but he never really considered himself a straight-forward graphic designer. He always worked on programming software, as well. He knew that ultimately he wanted to blend those skills. So, he began his search for a meaningful project that would allow him to do just that.

Josh met Samm (CEO and Co-founder at DocStation) on a “dating” website for co-founders. To help him in his search for that perfect project to dedicate his time and skills towards, he joined a site that helps match co-founders. Remember when we said that he was thorough and deliberate? Well, he was on the site three entire years before he actually responded to someone about a project. And that someone happened to be our very own Samm Anderegg (and that project was DocStation).

“Samm’s idea sounded interesting enough that I replied. We chatted back and forth for a couple of weeks and eventually met up. And then we got to work.”

During his interview he nonchalantly pulled out an incredible piece of art that he created. We were just chattin’ it up about business and programming when out of nowhere, he grabbed a lithograph and casually mentioned, “Oh yeah. I made this.” We were like, “Oh that? That beautiful artwork that’s just sitting on a pile on your desk like it’s just another piece of paper? You created that?! No big deal or anything!”

Apparently, in graphic design school, he studied and worked on quite a bit of fine art, and he continues creating stunning art to this day. If we could create art like that, we would probably be less nonchalant, but that’s just Josh. Low-key as can be.

When we asked who he most admired, he gave a very good and very Josh answer. He thought long and hard about the question, making sure to consider all the various people he may have at some point admired. In the end he said, “It’s difficult for me to pick one person I admire most. I often admire certain traits in many different people, but I don’t find myself saying I admire specific people.” And that’s a very fair answer.

**Anything else we should know about Josh? **We asked Josh if there was anything crazy about himself that he wouldn’t mind sharing. He looked around, paused, and then grabbed what looked like some sort of bucket and said, “I just ate this two pound bucket of M&M’s.”

Anyone else craving M&M’s now? We’re going to go take a quick candy break. Check out The Pharmacy Standard for more DocStation employee bios!

Profile written by Katlyn Whittenburg of HoneyHex.co

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