A nature lover and philosopher turned software engineer, Chris has always been thoughtful in life and in work. His quiet and low-key demeanor may lead you to believe that he’s not much of a risk-taker. Learning more about him, though, you find out there’s an exciting explorer beneath the surface that has steered him towards his path in life.

Alrighty! Let’s learn more about Chris — Software Engineer at DocStation!

He may have more in common with his role model than he realizes. Chris greatly admires his entrepreneurial grandfather. “He was more of a risk-taker than I am. I admire his ability to just go for it and not be scared by the consequences.” Interestingly, though, Chris’s decision to become a software engineer demonstrates a kindred risk-taking, adventurous spirit.

He got hooked by dot-com boom. It was the 1990’s in New York City — A time before memes and Facebook. A time of great potential, before everything on the internet was a bummer. Chris had graduated with a degree in philosophy and mathematics, but the energy of the dot-com boom drew him in, and he became a software engineer.

“The internet was still fairly new, and I was excited to be a part of building something — being involved in something at the beginning.”

But those philosophy studies still come in handy: Chris very clearly understands the increasing influence engineers have over our daily lives as technology advances. The philosopher in him always considers, “Is this truly useful for human beings,” and “Just because we can do this, should we?.”

“Especially in healthcare, developers are dealing with patient data and have the capacity to directly affect the health of someone else. We need to consider what we are incentivizing. Is it to care more about patients or something else?”

**The risk-taking side of Chris also shows up in his hobbies. **Chris is a certified advanced open water scuba diver. To some people who may be writing this right now, the idea of swimming in the vast open ocean in some sort of advanced and certified way sounds terrifying. But not to Chris! He traveled to Thailand and got certified to dive deep into the abyss for the fun of it.

**If you want to see some of the amazing photos from his scuba trips, you won’t find them on Instagram. *Or any social media. Because he’s not on any social media. (Take a second to really marvel at that. Wow.) Chris decided he’d rather use the time he would save by not being on social media to be out in nature hiking or swimming with deadly sea animals. (To each their own.*)

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Profile written by Katlyn Whittenburg of HoneyHex.co

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