Comprehensive data protection

We go above and beyond HIPAA — not because we have to, but because it’s the right thing to do. Our policies, procedures and technology keep you and your patient’s data safe and secure.
Military-grade encrypted data
At-rest and in-transit, your data is secure whether it's sitting in our data center or being processed in clinical interactions.
Highly compliant infrastructure
Our vendors utilize the highest security practices. HITRUST CSF. SOC 2, ISO27001 — you name it, our infrastructure likely has it.
Logging, auditing & intrusion detection
We use comprehensive logging to track all changes to our infrastructure and interactions with our software. Automated intrusion detection alerts us to potentially dangerous activity.
Disaster recovery & reliable backups
DocStation runs redundant servers for automated failover support. Data is secure across multiple isolated locations. Backup procedures are tested regularly.

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