AUSTIN, Texas. June 17, 2020DocStation, a patient care platform that partners with health plans to enable pharmacists to provide value-based care, has achieved Level 2 capability from Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Network (CPESN) for the Pharmacist eCare Plan Initiative.

Using the DocStation platform, any pharmacy in the United States can share electronic care plans with other providers and CPESN at no cost. DocStation is proud to make progress towards the mission of enabling access to safe, affordable, high-quality healthcare for all people.

Previously, use of the platform has only been available to pharmacies associated with one of DocStation’s health plan clients. The validation of DocStation’s eCare plan feature allows any pharmacy to begin managing their patients on the platform while succinctly documenting and communicating interventions and education provided.

The Pharmacist eCare Plan is a shared document that standardizes documentation for clinical interventions, allowing the pharmacist to easily share information about the patient’s medication regimen, health concerns, medication therapy problems, interventions, and therapeutic goals. The eCare Plan aims to reduce healthcare costs and improve patient outcomes by advancing care coordination.

“DocStation is excited to announce our validation of Level 2 capability for the Pharmacist eCare plan,” says Samm Anderegg, DocStation CEO. “We are committed to helping pharmacists provide the care patients deserve and know that our platform will provide a quick and easy way to create and share care plans. Less time charting means more time caring for patients.”

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