Life is one giant experiment.

Jeff is always learning, always evolving. He has been an actuary, a software engineer, a data engineer and has dabbled in creative pursuits such as songwriting and acting. Now he is combining those skills to reach his next evolution: a machine learning expert. Requiring equal parts of logic and creativity, machine learning has become a newfound passion and his prior roles have served as a natural progression to bring him to this cutting edge technology. From entering AI contests to pursuing a graduate degree in the field, Jeff is going all in. He’s competitive, hard working and always looking for new and interesting experiences to challenge himself.

Let’s learn more about Jeff — Data Engineer at DocStation!

Jeff wants his work to matter. At this point in his career, Jeff isn’t interested in just completing tasks. He wants a sense of ownership. He wants his expertise to be of real value, and he wants to feel like the work he does will help people. Lucky for us, DocStation checks those boxes, so we get to have him on the team!

He wants to get inside Google’s mind. We asked Jeff who he would switch lives with for one day. His response: Anyone working at Google’s DeepMind or OpenAI so that he can see first-hand what the leaders in AI work on every day. (We would also like to see what they’re doing over there!)

**He’s got a creative side. **Jeff plays guitar and he also has studied sketch comedy and improv at the famous Second City in Chicago — where he got cast and performed in a sketch comedy show.

His interest in the creative does more than simply serve as a hobby. He believes that it also enhances his skills as an engineer and also in his work with machine learning. “People underestimate how creative this kind of work is.”

Well, people may underestimate that, but we would definitely never underestimate Jeff. We’re lucky to have him on the team! Learn more about the awesome people here at DocStation here on The Pharmacy Standard.

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