Simon is a delight. He’s one of those people you want to work with. He’s also one of those handy people who likes to fix things. A tinkerer, through and through, Simon is always down for taking things apart, learning with his hands, and then putting them back together even better than before.

That love of working with his hands and helping people unsurprisingly got him into nursing. More surprisingly (even to him) is that nursing awakened him to an interest in working with clinical documentation (People really can like anything, huh…).

Ok, let’s learn more about Simon — Clinical Systems Analyst, shall we? We shall!

EHRs bummed him out. Simon loved nursing — thriving in the high-intensity work of helping patients, but through his work he became familiar with some of the issues facing the healthcare system. One problem, in particular, really bothered him: EHRs (Ditto!). He knew they needed to change, and he wanted to be a part of that change.

Simon was working at DocStation without even realizing it. How does that even happen? Well, when your older brother is Samm Anderegg, CEO at DocStation, and he’s asking you to help out with some work on the side, you can end up working at a company before you even realize it. After years of helping with projects, Simon eventually joined the team full time (yay!).

Being in healthcare runs in the family. It’s not just Simon and Samm who have followed a path to healthcare. All five of the Anderegg siblings are in healthcare. All five! (We know whose door to knock on for basically any and all healthcare questions.)

He and his twin brother did try to do the ol’ switcheroo one time. And it was a fail. Any non-twin knows that when you meet a set of identical twins, you always want to know if they ever switch places. Turns out, Simon and his brother planned to switch classes on the last day of school. At the last minute, though, his brother bailed after remembering he had an exam he couldn’t miss.

Welp, Simon showed up in his brother’s class anyway, and they were then faced with the awkward situation of BOTH being in the exam. Lucky for Simon, the teacher was a bit spacey and didn’t even notice. Also, Simon went ahead and took the exam just in case. He failed.

He looks at life like an alien. (Wait. We’ll explain.) When Simon read Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut, he liked how the alien beings in the book saw time like a picture. He, too, wanted to be able to see the past, present, and future at once — giving him the ability to appreciate life as a whole, from a couple of steps back. (That’s lovely, huh?)

And just to reiterate, Simon really does want to help you fix your bike (or your car, or your bookshelf… or anything really.) One of his main ambitions in life is to be that person everyone goes to for all their random handyman needs. “If I don’t know how to fix it, I’ll figure it out! That’s what YouTube is for!”

What a helpful and delightful person! To learn more about the rest of the lovely people on the DocStation team, find our bios here on The Pharmacy Standard!

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