It takes a certain boldness to approach big problems — to be one person and look at a giant industry affecting millions of lives (say… like the American healthcare system, for instance), and think, “Yeah, I have an idea to make that better,” and then* actually do something about it.*

Lucky for DocStation, Samm has that certain kind of boldness.

Here are a few fun facts about our very own Samm — CEO and Cofounder at DocStation!

It all started at his first job helping customers at Mr. Movie. Yup. The video store place. (Remember when we rented movies from actual stores with walls and doors? That was weird…). Sam learned that the joy of life lies in making other people’s lives easier — even if it was just by helping them find a movie on a shelf or to understand a late charge.

His ambitions have grown quite a bit since then. Now, it’s all about helping as many people as possible. That drive to help people got him into pharmacy and has since carried him into software.

“My desire has always been to help people as best as I possibly could and to help the most people. First as a pharmacist — helping individual patients, then by creating programs — allowing me to help up to 10s of thousands of patients, and now by creating software — potentially helping millions of people.”

**There are cassette tapes somewhere of him as a kid hosting his own “Top 9 at 9” radio show: **Is there anything more adorable than a little kid recording his own little morning radio show on a cassette tape? I mean, we can’t think of anything. He mentioned a few other childhood ambitions, but radio DJ tickled us the most.

He’s obsessed. Not in a creepy way or anything. We just mean that he enjoys learning as much as humanly possible about a topic that he finds interesting. His current obsession: westward expansion.

**His bold pursuits have a lot to do with his lovely supportive family. **Samm speaks very highly of his small town upbringing and his family’s support. This support very likely helped him become the kind of person to always push himself to learn more, to think bigger, and to do better. “It excites me to try things that other people haven’t tried yet.”

**His dad is an entrepreneur too! **Growing up with a dad who runs an auto body shop taught him about the keys to successful business:

“It’s about building relationships and doing good work. Doing right by people, holding people accountable, being trustworthy, and building a good reputation.”

DocStation is built on those same values instilled by his father.

“With DocStation, I’ve been able to recruit a bunch of talented friends and colleagues to work on something very meaningful.”

We are so grateful to be among those who get to work on this meaningful endeavor with Samm, and we’re excited for you to get to know more about us as well. Stay tuned to meet more of the lovely people working together at DocStation to improve the health of your patients and the experience for your team.

Profile written by Katlyn Whittenburg of

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