October 14, 2018

Lessons from the Road

DocStation: Tour de Pharmacies 2018 🌽

We spent the second week of October trekking across Iowa to spend time with some of the most innovative pharmacy leaders in the country.

Fueled by our vision for value-based pharmacy, we learned first-hand how care providers are pushing keeping patients healthy and pushing clinical* *pharmacy forward.

Three Consistent Themes came up:

  1. Platform overload — pharmacists are inundated with software, toggling multiple windows every day.
  2. Time is precious — less time (and fewer clicks) in software means more time for patients.
  3. Communication breakdown — care coordination between providers is painful (and relies on faxing).

Huge thanks to everyone who took time out of their busy schedules to share their current practices, highlight the pain points, and outline where the future of clinical pharmacy is headed. If we missed you on this trip and you want to know more about how DocStation is saving pharmacists from the platform overload, sign up below 👩‍⚕ 👨‍⚕

The Pharmacy Innovators

Meyer Pharmacy

Waverly, Iowa

Samm Anderegg and Andy Keil of DocStation after visiting Meyer Pharmacy

Ryan Frerichs and the team at Meyer are constantly looking for new programs and revenue streams to include in their workflow but one thing is clear,

“We’re inundated with all the different platforms.”

They spend a lot of time focused on immunizations but the billing process is a major barrier to expanding into additional clinical services.

“I can give a shot faster than I can document it!” said Ryan on his way to give a flu shot in the middle of our conversation. But even before you administer a shot, it’s difficult to track down a patient’s immunization history. Third party vendors that pull in data from state registries make it easier but it’s far from streamlined.

Greenwood Pharmacy

Waterloo, Iowa