We’re headed to Iowa/Nebraska for a whirlwind tour that we’re dubbing DocStation’s Tour de Pharmacies 2018. We’re planning visits to some of the most innovative pharmacies in the country who are running cutting edge clinical practices. Our goal is to observe, listen, and take what we learn back to our team in Austin. We love getting in the trenches to build the best product for our pharmacists and their patients.

If you’re one of the 45 pharmacies that’s already on board with our vision, thank you ?. We wouldn’t be here without you! If you’re not on board yet and want to be considered for our performance-based payment model in 2019, now is the time to join. We’re limited to 200 spots and they’re going quickly!

Where we’ll be spending time (so far):

The first portion of the week will be in Eastern Iowa before making our way back to Des Moines and eventually Omaha. If you haven’t heard from us and you want to learn more about DocStation in person, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line: pharmacy@docstation.co

October 8–11 **— Eastern Iowa **October 12 **— Des Moines area **October 15 — Omaha area

What’s new with DocStation?

We’ve been working our butts off since launching the platform earlier this year and we’re excited to show you all the improvements (and what’s to come!). Our goal is to maximize your time with patients by automating repetitive processes like documentation, billing, and reporting. We integrate with your existing tools and pull in data from multiple sources to deliver insights that help you provide care, improve outcomes, and get paid.

“Our goal is to maximize your time with patients.”

When you sign up for DocStation, we automatically generate Patient Profiles for patients that fill at your pharmacy (based on your NPI). Each profile includes the patient’s Name, DOB, Age, Gender, Phone, and Address.

Also included in the patient profile is a full Medication List (based on Claims data). We pull in the past three years of medications and highlight the Drug/Dose, Last Fill Date, Prescriber Name, Prescriber Phone, and Date Prescribed. You can also add the SIG and Adherence info manually if that’s important to your practice. With an integration to your dispensing system, we can automate these fields as well.

The final piece of the puzzle is our brand new Task system. We look at a patient’s medication list to identify New Medications and potential **Non-Adherence, **allowing you to determine if an intervention is necessary.

What’s next for DocStation?

Patient Profiles, Medication Lists, and Tasks are just the beginning. Here’s what else you can expect from us through the end of the year and into 2019:

  • Auto-populated Diagnoses (no more manual entry)
  • New (and even smarter) Tasks
  • Pharmacist eCare Plan
  • Transitions of Care Program

And plenty more that we’re not able to talk about *just *yet…so stay tuned!

— The DocStation Team

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