The DocStation Customer Success team is your partner in implementing DocStation’s software platform to drive new revenue opportunities for your pharmacy. From CPT codes, credentialing & enrollment, to rejected claims processing, this team has the expertise and follow through to help you navigate the process easily!

Some stats our Customer Success team is proud of:

  1. We’ve helped pharmacies collect nearly $10,000 on “dirty” claims, or ones that required more than one submission. Since most pharmacies don’t have the resources to handle resubmissions, this may otherwise have been money left on the table.
  2. Our median time from DocStation user claim submission to that claim being paid is 4 days.
  3. DocStation’s resubmission claim success rate is 85%, which means we are successful in helping to recover revenue previously left on the table from denied claims.

Meet the team!

Rachael Matz

Rachael is our West Virginia ONE, BCBS MI, and medical billing Success Manager.

Here at DocStation, Rachael has trained dozens of pharmacies across 15 or more states. In addition to payer programs, she also trains on the implementation of DocStation’s medical billing process, and helps pharmacies find new revenue opportunities in their states.

Rachael is a former teacher, and her love for educating and solving problems fits so well into her role at DocStation. She loves digging into the challenges her customers are facing and finding solutions that help her pharmacies be successful.

Schedule time with Rachael to talk about West Virginia Nalox(ONE) or BCBS MI.

Malia White

Malia is our Minnesota MTM, BCBS MN, and Devoted Health Program Success Manager.

Having 20+ years of experience in client support and management, Malia has had the opportunity to work in both the corporate and start up environments. Her day-to-day includes training, onboarding, finding new revenue opportunities and much more for our customers. She has a great passion for helping others and finding resolutions.

Malia is the proclaimed ringleader of her family circus, including 3 kiddos (1 set of twins) and their french bulldog, Louie. She and her husband live in Austin, Texas. When Malia’s not with her circus, you can find her working out or enjoying cake, because balance!

Schedule time with Malia to talk about BCBS MN or Devoted.

Lindsey Landry

Lindsey is our North Dakota ONE, North Dakota Medicaid MTM, and West Virginia ONE Success Manager.

Lindsey has worked in Customer Success and Project Management for the last 7 years.

She lives in Frederick, Maryland with her husband and their two dogs (Olive the Boston Terrier and Maikoh the German Shepherd). When she has free time, Lindsey is usually at the gym, traveling to explore a new city, or performing, as Lindsey is an accomplished singer and musical theatre actress in MD and NY.

Schedule time with Lindsey to talk about MTM or ND ONE.

Have you heard? Our medical billing feature has seen amazing growth since we launched. We’re excited to help pharmacies get paid for the clinical services they are providing.

We’ve designed our platform to be extremely user-friendly with a fantastic support team to back you up every step of the way. Have questions about medical billing? Contact us today!