Your all-in-one revenue-generating pharmacy software.

Pharmacies use DocStation to provide care, bill medical claims and participate in value-based programs with innovative health plans.

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EHR & Medical Billing Software

Interoperable Clinical Pharmacy Solution

Founded by pharmacists, DocStation offers a comprehensive software suite of clinical solutions, streamlining every step of your workflow from scheduling and service delivery to documentation, billing, and reimbursement, all in one convenient platform.

Elevating pharmacists from mere clerks to active patient connectors, leveraging their expertise, is not just an advancement in healthcare—it's a game changer for society.

Samm Anderegg

PharmD, CEO & Founder of DocStation

Automated Medical Billing

Our cutting-edge technology automatically recognizes the associated services linked to the prescriptions you are already billing for, generating a new claim for you to submit. Reduce administrative burden by 80%.

Credentialing & Payer Enrollments

Our services include tools for payer enrollments. DocStation streamlines the process for you and your staff to get enrolled, contracted and credentialed in order to deliver a wider range of clinical services.

All-in-One CLINICAL pharmacy Solution

Why juggle multiple systems when you can have everything in one place?

Medical Billing Automation

Streamline billing and claims management processes for a range of services, such as vaccines, DME and point-of-care testing.

Revenue Cycle Mgmt

Payer credentialing & enrollment, patient insurance eligibility checks, and cutting-edge technology for accurate medical coding.

Practice Management / EHR

Manage patient records, HIPAA-compliant patient messaging and scheduling solutions that optimize appointment management.

Payer Program Participation

Sophisticated value-based program tools and solutions to drive improvements in patient outcomes and cost-effectiveness.

Appointment Scheduling

Advanced scheduling solutions that optimize appointment management for both patients and healthcare providers.

Customer Support

Round-the-clock customer support to resolve queries and issues, ensuring uninterrupted revenue cycle operations.

Proven Financial Results

New pharmacies using DocStation typically see up to $100,000 in net new revenue in
their first year. That’s the power of efficient, integrated pharmacy management at work.

Medical Billing Software