MTM Software for Better Patient Care

Pharmacists provide value through every patient interaction, with tools like disease state education, medication counseling, point of care testing, and much more. With DocStation technology, you can attain provider status and bill for services. Diversify your pharmacy revenue streams by submitting MTM claims for every patient encounter. Transition your practice from pills to patients. Request a DocStation Demo

Revenue Cycle Management for Modern Pharmacies

Keep track of all MTM claims with DocStation’s revenue cycle management suite. The best free platform for pharmacists allows you to identify and manage data, such as new revenue generated and patient claims statuses. DocStation’s support team is your partner in maximizing net new profits and minimizing time to reimbursement.

Claims Templates

Streamline and standardize multiple claims with DocStation’s template functionality. Pharmacists shouldn’t have to spend time memorizing billing jargon such as CPT, HCPCS, modifiers, and payer IDs. DocStation makes it easy for any user to submit claims and save time.

Claims Reconciliation

Automated claims status reports keep you apprised to the most recent status of your claims. DocStation is your SWAT team for ensuring quick and accurate payment for claims. We offer more than our competitors, which means maximized profits for you.

Claims History

DocStation software keeps a history of all claims submitted so you have a robust record for accounting and auditing purposes.

Electronic Health Record

DocStation goes further than other MTM point solutions - not only do we allow you to submit claims to drive revenue, but we help you keep a holistic and longitudinal record of your patients’ medical history. Start documenting and billing in a true EHR today.


Build your clinical practice with DocStation’s scheduling feature. Streamline your operations, coordinate your staff, and keep track of resources. Follow-up after key interventions to ensure patient safety and build your clinical revenue engine.

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