Release notes for updates to DocStation’s software platform.

Welcome to DocStation’s Product Changelog and Release Notes! This document is regularly updated to showcase both minor and major platform and product updates in near realtime. Be sure to tune into the quarterly DocStation Pharmacy Innovators meetings to learn even more and ask questions.




#011 – October 18

Subscription Feature: Assessments

Use assessments to capture important health data in a discrete survey format. Fully customizable for Premium subscribers, and includes a library of standard healthcare assessments.




#010 – October 6

Subscription Feature: Patient Tags

Create and manage tags on patient profiles to curate fixed lists for any workflow focus of your clinical pharmacy practice. Available to DocStation Premium subscribers.



Appointment Filtering by Provider

Calendar appointments can now be filtered by assigned Provider. Available to all DocStation organizations.



New Location Member Management Options

Organization Admins can now designate team members as Providers at a specific location. This will improve the scheduling experience, especially for organizations with many team members across many locations.

We’ve also added a new favorite label for your primary location, which can be set in your user settings. These settings are available to all DocStation organizations.




#009 – September 29

Location Settings – Member Management

Add a user (or multiple) to a specific location via the Users tab on the Location in settings. This will enable patients to schedule appointments with Providers designated at that Location. (This will not remove access for any users in the organization who are not added to the Location.)


Primary Location Indicator

Ideal for organizations with multiple locations, users can set their Primary location in their user settings. This primary location will now be designated with a favorites star in the Location’s settings.


#008 – September 28

Immunizations in CSV Import

Improvements have been made to the csv import tool to better recognize and convert immunization NDCs to CVXs and update the display in the UI. These records will now import to the Immunization section of the health record rather than the Medication section.


#007 – September 16

Updates to CMS Standard Patient Takeaways

Dates were not displaying correctly on previously generated documents, which can cause problems for future follow ups. Dates pertaining to date of service and age are now static.


#006 – August 24


Create appointment types for your pharmacy locations; schedule patients for visits on your calendar. Learn more about the enhanced Calendar and Scheduling features here!




#005 – August 2

Sortable Patient List

Sort the patient list by any column in the table. Just click the column header to sort by – one click for ascending, two clicks for descending, three clicks to undo the sort.


#004 – July 14

CMR Update: “Cognitively Impaired” and “LTC Resident” Fields

Clinical details specified about a patient’s cognitive, tobacco use, and LTC residence status will flow from the Patient Profile into the CMR Task and generated documents automatically.


#003 – July 12

Claim Updates

Claim Search

Search functionality has been added to the Organization’s claims page. Search by claim number, status, or location.


New Claim title: changed to the simple DS+five digits; removed the payer, patient last name, date convention.

Claim status is now displayed in the claim tray as well as the summary page.


New Claim Validation

Additional validations have been setup to ensure each claim has the greatest opportunity to be accepted and paid after the first submission (clean claim). Validation error messages will display on the new claim if identifiers are missing or incorrect on the Patient Profile and/or the pharmacy’s Organization Settings.


#002 – June 27

In Progress Task Filter

The “In Progress” status has been added to the list of available task filters. A task qualifies as “In Progress” once it has been accepted (simply: opened) by a user. Pharmacies can utilize this filter in workflows where a technician or student completes an initial review or data entry portion of a task and a pharmacist needs to do a final review and complete the task.


Allergy Reaction

Add a reaction, as well as criticality level, to a new allergy record. The reaction will display in the health record as well as on any documents generated from a CMR task that require allergy information.


Medication Adherence Display

DocStation calculates medication adherence based on prescription claims data and medication indication logic. If the medication does not meet the algorithmic criteria to calculate PDC, the adherence bar will not be displayed.



#001 – June 11, 2022

ICD 10 search in Claims and Templates

When adding a diagnosis to a claim, search using either the appropriate billable ICD10 code or the name of the diagnosis.



Recurring Claims

Claims can now be set to automatically recur on a specified cadence. Select the recurrence window on the first claim and seven days prior to the date of next submission, DocStation will automatically create a draft claim identical to the first claim. If no further action is taken to modify the submission, the draft claim will automatically submit for payment on the set date.

Setting the recurrence:



Subscription Feature: Assigning Tasks

Assign tasks to individuals on your team. The assigned tasks can be reviewed by filtering for the individual’s name.

Don’t see this feature on your DocStation platform? Sign up for a subscription here to take advantage of this and many other awesome features!


Saved Filters

Save your filters in the Patient List to reuse in the future. Set the appropriate search parameters, then select “Save Filter”. Name the search and save.