Select group among the first to use revolutionary software.

AUSTIN, Texas. July 28, 2017DocStation, a clinical software platform for pharmacists, has been released to a select group of innovators. The group includes over 70 pharmacists in a variety of practice settings. Innovators are charged with piloting advanced features and ensuring seamless integration within pharmacists’ patient care process.

This marks the initial product launch for DocStation Inc., an Austin-based healthtech startup focused on advancing pharmacy practice to improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare expenditures.

DocStation’s chief executive, Samm Anderegg, Pharm.D., MS, BCPS, is betting on his profession to solve more than one problem plaguing the healthcare industry. “Pharmacists are highly trusted, educated, and underutilized. We see our patients more than any other clinician and excel at managing chronic disease. Leveraging pharmacists as providers increases access, improves quality, and reduces utilization. Better care at a lower cost.”

Pharmacists are funding the movement with new revenue streams sponsored by every sector of the insurance industry: federal, state, and private. Over 20 states have organized pharmacy networks to contract with Medicare Part D plans, state Medicaid programs, and commercial health plans.

“Existing healthcare platforms are archaic, ugly, and dysfunctional. We’re using advanced technology to empower pharmacists. Data can tell us which patients are at high risk and when to intervene. Algorithms can automate mundane administrative tasks. Design can make healthcare easier to navigate. We’re taking this opportunity to reset the bar.” said Anderegg.

The company plans to offer others advanced access to the platform later this year through the DocStation Providers program. Click “Sign Me Up!” to put your name on the list.

**About DocStation **DocStation Inc. is a technology company focused on improving health and quality of life for all humans. The DocStation platform enables pharmacists to start a clinical practice and collect reimbursement for services. Advanced technology and thoughtful design combine to deliver powerful tools and a delightful experience for patients and providers, in a world where their experience is typically an afterthought.