Effortlessly manage flu season with DocStation’s comprehensive

vaccine billing solution

Ensure you get the reimbursements you deserve

Streamline the vaccination process for smoother operations and shorter wait times

Reach out to and educate more patients to get them vaccinated at your pharmacy

Flu season is on its way, and it’s time to boost your community’s health and your pharmacy’s bottom line.

DocStation is committed to constantly expanding and enhancing our platform’s features and services. As flu season approaches, we want to remind you that you can bill your pharmacy vaccines (both product and administration) directly through DocStation’s BIN. Simply plug in our BIN number, and you’ll be able to track the progress of your claims as they flow into our Revenue Cycle Management suite.

vaccine encounter

plug in docstation’s BIN

get reimbursed

Save time and money

The endless benefits of billing through DocStation’s BIN

Customizable functionality

All the same insight with your current claims but now you can do the same for your vaccine claims too. Track the claim status, view rejection reasons, manage/triage resubmissions, view reimbursement rate, view checkk numbers & perform reconcilliation.

Easier to use

Use the DocStation BIN number in place of your current vendor’s BIN number.

That’s it!

Total transparency

Upgrade to DocStation and save time by centralizing all claims in a single platform, enhancing efficiency and eliminating the need for additional apps or windows.

Support like you've never received

No setup fee! Save money by not having to pay two vendors. Enjoy the convenience of managing everything with a single provider, making your process simpler and more efficient.

Got questions?

Making the switch is a breeze! We’re here to guide you every step of the way.

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