Pharmacy Software by DocStation

Our pharmacy care management software will help you maintain the best patient relationships, improve outcomes, and get paid.

Value-Based Pharmacy

Run your own clinical programs

Put your clinical knowledge and expertise to work by designing and operating your own clinical programs that get reimbursed by insurance carriers. DocStation’s pharmacy software system can import patient data (Raw claims data? No problem!), track metrics, and provide reports. We track success, you do the rest: care for your patients.

Centralized Pharmacy Data

See what else is happening with your patients’ health

DocStation is a single solution for pharmacist interventions and access to their patients’ health data. Track comprehensive profiles that include medication adherence, conditions, labs, vitals and more. Create complete eCare plans, medical billing claims and more from full patient health records and share them with other providers.

Clinical Intelligence

Save time identifying eligible patients

By harnessing DocStation’s powerful clinical intelligence software, you can operate clinical programs across single or multiple pharmacy locations in your community. Assign tasks among team members and let DocStation’s predictive task management tools drive preventative care, improved adherence, and better outcomes.

Billing & Revenue

Maximize your clinical billing

We’re pharmacists, so we know the sitch. You just filled out a CMS-1500 for the 6th time today and received an email that one you submitted weeks ago had an incorrect ICD-10 code. We’ll streamline that workflow— our dedicated support team is your partner in crime, making sure you never have to resubmit documentation more than once.

Technology & Connectivity

Treat the whole patient

Maintaining a single source of truth for pharmacy patient data can be complicated. DocStation is designed to be a simple connectivity tool for health plans, pharmacies and third party partner platforms. Because of DocStation security standards, you’ll never have to worry about the integrity, security, or portability of your data.

What Makes Our Pharmacy Software Stand Out

At DocStation, we know that as a pharmacist, you’re on the frontline, helping patients live healthier lives. That’s why we designed our platform to give you a venue to offer value-based care.

Through our powerful and robust pharmacy software, you can streamline your workflow to treat patients, collaborate with other medical experts, and run your business efficiently.
Regarding your patients, DocStation Rx software pharmacy tools keep track of everything related to their care, including their complete medical history, prescriptions, side effects, vaccines, lab results, vitals, and more.

It helps to have a unified approach when partnering with other health care professionals.

After all, to properly treat a patient, you must thoroughly understand their condition. To simplify your job, we simplified exchanging data with other service providers through bi-directional integrations and standardized formatting.

Finally, you no longer have to sift through disorganized and decentralized programs for your business. With DocStation’s cloud based pharmacy computer system, you can leverage task management, claims submissions scheduling, and predictive clinical tools to achieve better outcomes .

Why DocStation?

The practice of pharmacy is at a pivotal point. We are trained and able to perform clinical assessments, testing, administration of injectables, therapy starts, adjustments, and more. There are many misconceptions when it comes to the pharmacy industry. . We know that pharmacies are the primary point of contact for many in the community seeking healthcare. We want to be your technology partner to activate your provider status and ensure your business offers patients the care they need using the best pharmacy software. We do this in the hope of making healthcare more affordable, accessible, and high-quality for everyone.

Pharmacy Software FAQ

DocStation’s all-in-one retail pharmacy EHR software works clinical activities into your dispensing pharmacy practice. . Pharmacists benefit from integrated pharmacy software systems because they direct workflow activities across numerous systems and guide pharmacists to the tasks and documentation steps needed for billing and charting on the patient’s record.

The built-in billing tools of our pharmacy software system can help your pharmacy generate more income.

Submit claims to the medical benefit using our pharmacy billing software. You’ve already recorded the care, so submitting it is a cinch.

No worries about following up on claim status!! We’ll let you know if there is an issue with your claims and the steps required for approval. If something goes wrong, we’ll either be able to fix it for you or alert you to the change required.

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Clinical Intelligence