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Comprehensive Patient Records

For the first time, pharmacists have the complete clinical picture. DocStation is the unified platform for patient records including conditions, medications, drug therapy problems, immunizations, labs, vitals, assessments and more all in one place.


Maintain a comprehensive, up-to-date medication lists including strength, dose, adherence, indiciation, and associated drug therapy problems.

Labs, Vitals & More

Document, track, and trend your own record of patient laboratories, vital signs, and clinical assessments.


Keep an list of diagnoses, conditions, and symptoms including onset and associated treatments.

Task-Driven Workflows

DocStation provides outcome and efficiency-boosting tools including automated task queues, suggested interventions, follow-up reminders, appointment scheduling and more.

Patient Timeline

A chronological view of each patient interaction over time, including medications changes, new diagnoses, and goal achievements. Organized, useful information to strengthen patient relationships and improve outcomes.

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