Pharmacy Billing & Support from DocStation

Utilize DocStation's built-in pharmacy billing features to tap new revenue streams for your pharmacy. Request a DocStation Demo

Say bye-bye to CMS-1500

The form won't go away. You'll just never see it again. Our FHIR-standardized pharmacy billing software enables us to transform the care you provide into payments.

Electronic Remittance

We'll submit claims for you based on the care documented in our pharmacy billing software . Submission is simple–you already documented the care.

Claim Status Alerts

Don't worry about reimbursement. We'll let you know if there's a problem with any of your claims.

Pharmacist Billing Support

Pharmacist billing can be complicated. We're here for you if something goes wrong so you get paid for your work.

Patient & Case Management

Whether you're at a single community pharmacy or a large chain, DocStation pharmacy billing software can help you find and manage your patients efficiently. Then, streamline your care with our standardized workflow tasks.

Connectivity & Integration

Simple connectivity tools enhance your workflow and enable you to share data with those that need it. Don't see your integration on the list? We'll work with you to get it started.

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