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Say bye-bye to CMS-1500

The form won't go away. You'll just never see it again. Our FHIR-standardized pharmacy billing software enables us to transform the care you provide into payments.

Electronic Remittance

We'll submit claims for you based on the care documented in our pharmacy billing software . Submission is simple–you already documented the care.

Claim Status Alerts

Don't worry about reimbursement. We'll let you know if there's a problem with any of your claims.

Pharmacist Billing Support

Pharmacist billing can be complicated. We're here for you if something goes wrong, so you get paid for your work.

Patient & Case Management

Whether you're at a single community pharmacy or a large chain, DocStation pharmacy billing software can help you find and manage your patients efficiently. Then, streamline your care with our standardized workflow tasks.

Connectivity & Integration

Simple connectivity tools enhance your workflow and enable you to share data with those that need it. Don't see your integration on the list? We'll work with you to get it started.

What Makes Our Pharmacy Billing Software Stand Out

DocStation offers the best Pharmacy Billing Software solution, hands down. From ease of use, tasks that make sense, responsive service for trouble-shooting, and a world-class team of support, we ensure that you have access to this new income stream. Once billing, DocStation pharmacies have their claims shepherded to payment, resulting in payment on an average of 14 days and over 85% of claims approved upon first submission.Pharmacies need dependable pharmacy management software to provide them an edge in a world of personalization and increasing competition.With DocStation's pharmacy suite, you can:
  • Keep current and gain new consumers without sacrificing profitability, thanks to our cost-saving subscription options.
  • Comply with statutory, payer, and board of pharmacy regulations on a unified platform.
  • Save time on medical billing and accounting.
  • Build stronger relationships with patients by understanding their clinical patterns and timelines.
Pharmacy billing software from DocStation enables pharmacists to efficiently run their businesses with fewer employees who spend time submitting, tracking, adjudicating, and other efforts with claims. When pharmacists choose DocStation, they gain access to tools to develop their businesses more effectively.Pharmacy operations are made easier with DocStation's pharmacy billing support, which provides digital solutions for every clinical business function, including value-based contract negotiation, patient attribution, task streamlining, billing and CPT code selection, and billing template development. Get started with DocStation now by requesting a demo!

Why DocStation?

DocStation is an EHR for pharmacies - a pharmacy management system that helps pharmacists keep track of their patients' care and medication-related needs. From prescription adherence monitoring to med synchronization, Star & HEDIS measure criteria, and more, all are included in our program.DocStation pharmacy medical billing software has everything a pharmacist needs for their business. With DocStation's constant industry updates, independent pharmacists can be sure they are utilizing the best pharmacy billing software.We also know that when it comes to pharmacy billing software, price matters. We provide cost-saving subscription options to make our software accessible.

Pharmacy Billing Software FAQ

What is pharmacy billing software?

Billing software for retail pharmacy shops makes it easier for pharmacies to bill services to the medical benefit and handle government and commercial insurance payers. Several workflow steps can be automated, including creating claim templates, invoices, submitting claims, and tracking payments and revenue.

If you're still chasing claims statuses, it's time to upgrade with DocStation. Get the pharmacy billing software you can trust.

What are the benefits of using pharmacy billing software?

If you are exploring medical billing software for your pharmacy, you should consider all the advantages. Pharmacist management systems and medical billing software for pharmacies complement one another by housing all workflow and clinical documentation that populates a billing claim. DocStation's pharmacy billing software allows independent pharmacists to operate more effectively, respond to audits, and lower the number of claim denials. Pharmacists can boost their income and improve their pharmacy's cash flow by submitting claims for clinical care services without any extra steps.

What are common challenges when managing pharmacy billing?

Without the help of billing software for pharmacy needs, pharmacists can quickly get buried by the number of claims needing follow up to an insurance company. By implementing pharmacy billing software, pharmacists can accelerate the process of submitting claims by using technology to guide workflow and documentation. Then, DocStation pharmacy billing software and revenue cycle management team swiftly and readily identifies slow-paying third parties or claims that have not been properly reconciled. That means no longer dealing with the income loss that comes with a lack of reimbursements.

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